Use Email Marketing To Consistently Engage Your Customers

If you are looking to be in contact with past, present and future customers then Email Marketing is the best option. Email is by far still one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers. Everyone uses their email daily and with smart phones it’s easy to consistently check emails. Customers who sign up to get your newsletters or to get emails from you are interested in your business! Even if they don’t want to work with you today, they may want to work with you in the future, and that’s especially important. Email campaigns are very cost effective, even if you use a professional digital agency such as ours. Being able to communicate with 1,000+ people with a click of a button through email is often a very overlooked form of marketing, but with certain businesses it works extremely well!

No matter the industry, your organization can benefit greatly from Email Marketing. Using HTML templates and customizing each email to your specifications while writing content that converts is just one of the parts we can manage of your Email Marketing campaign. We can also analyze and report all of the data for you so you can see exactly how each email performed and what lead to some conversions so we can see which techniques work best for your industry.

Real Examples & Some Data On Email Marketing

You’re going to think about implementing an Email campaign after this!

Some examples of our previous Email Marketing campaigns include:

  1. A company in the service industry was looking for an increase in sales as a supplement to other marketing campaigns they were doing. We ended up sending out emails to 600 previous customers over the course of 3 months, twice a month. We offered a special promotion for referrals and after the campaign was finished we drummed up 30 new customers! This was great since the initial investment was fairly low and the ROI was extremely beneficial for this business.
  2. Our other service industry business we worked with was using PPC ads and was satisfied with those, but had a large list of past customers like the customer above. We took those 830 customers emails and sent out an email once a month for special promotions going on locally. After 6 months we had an average open rate of 38.3% which is high for that industry and an average click through rate of 10.05%. This lead to approximately 37 more customer sign ups from just email marketing alone. This helped them to see the benefits in Email Marketing and we continued it for a few other services as well!

Some more data to see just how powerful Email Marketing can be:

  1. According to McKinsey & Company Email Marketing offers an average order value worth 3 times more than social media.
  2. For every $1 you spend on Email Marketing, you should expect an average return of $38 according to Constant Contact.
  3. Email Marketing has conversion rates higher than both Search Engines & Social Media combined. –

Now I am a big advocate of PPC ads for Social Media and Search Engines but this data here is amazing to see just how effective Email Marketing can be for any business. So if you aren’t implementing Email Marketing the time to start is now. They are your target customers, especially if they have used your services in the past.

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