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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most important parts of a website. We can build a beautiful website for you that attracts, retains and converts customers for you, but without providing SEO you may not get the traffic that you want from your website. SEO is a fundamental part to any business in today’s age, because without it your website is a lot more difficult to find. Any business, big or small can benefit from using our SEO service. It’s also one of the best forms of marketing since people who click on your website are looking exactly for your good or service. But even if you are ranking well in search engines, it’s always smart to maintain that great ranking since your competition might be not far behind you.

Search engines are constantly changing each and everyday. We monitor clients search rankings daily with continual support in case any big changes are seen, so that they can remain on top of their competition. Ranking a website is a science and it takes many different parts to make a website rank correctly with long lasting results. Putting off SEO for your business will only make it more difficult in the future to rank your website, especially if your competition is continually improving their SEO tactics.

How we can help you to increase leads and sales through SEO:

When we start each SEO project it always starts with a few different phases. These include:

  1. Keyword Research: We always start with keyword research to see how you are performing and how well you are doing against competition. With this we can see all the keywords you are currently ranking for, as well as other keywords that maybe haven’t been thought of yet. This is when we are able to see how many results your website could get once it ranks higher.
  2. Rank Checking: This gives us an idea of where you are right now with your rankings as well as where you are going once changes have been implemented. Before we touch your website or perform any work to your digital property we always do rank tracking.
  3. On Page Audit: Your website may have a lot of issues with URL structure, page structure, content, keywords, images, speed, labels, etc. This will allow us to audit your whole website so we can improve your website’s on page SEO rating.
  4. On Page Optimization: Once we have done the Site Audit of your whole website we will be able to make those changes to each part to strengthen your websites core. Because with a weak on page optimization it’s much harder to rank your website. This may include adding more content to your website as well.
  5. Off Page Optimization: Some would say this is the most important part of any SEO campaign. We use only thebest practices to deliver you the best citations, links, and postings so your SEO is white hat and completely safe for the search engines.Once all of this is completed we continually update you with reports so you can see all the work that was completed. We also only use the best software that is continually updated so you get only the best SEO service in the industry.

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