Responsive Website Development

Do you have a website that isn’t responsive? Even a website with both mobile and desktop versions isn’t responsive and it could drastically hurt your rankings and sales. Google has stated multiple times in the past that they give more credibility to responsive websites over non responsive websites.  So if you are looking to get a new website, or a redesigned website, it’s always the best option to use us for the website development, as we can turn your vision into a reality. Whether you sell a product or service we use only the best technology that will suit your needs and look great for years to come.

Benefits Of A New Website Design:

  1. Increase Your Conversions: If you have a website that is outdated or isn’t optimized well, you could be having a big problem on your hands that you’re not even aware of. Poor user experience, no call to actions or attention peaking parts to your website may be causing you to lose out on potential customers to your competitors. Compound that through a year and you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table with an outdated or poorly optimized website. A new website can fix all of these problems so all of your traffic converts at much better rates with our top tier website development solutions.
  2. Increase Your Website Traffic: A new website that is responsive is looked at much better by search engines. This has helped some of our clients to have an increase in their rankings, which brings more traffic. Couple a new website with one of our SEO packages and your website will be headed in the right direction to rank much better.
  3. Increase Your Sales: When you include an increase in traffic and an increase in your conversions you will also have more sales for your business!
  4. Increase Your Profits: With a better website design and all of the benefits listed above you will gain a lot more with a new website. But their are other features of your new website that can help increase profits. Live chat, event schedulers, having your website connected to other software, etc. can help you to reduce costs and increase your bottom line.

Click here to look at our portfolio. This showcases some of our work for website development and SEO for just a few of our previous clients. If you have a project that we could help you with, call us today at 763-325-4411 or fill out the contact form by clicking on the link below and we will call you for a FREE 15 minute website consultation.

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