Website Maintenance To Keep Your Business Running Smoothly.

Most businesses today rely upon their website to bring in a bulk of their customers. Making sure that your website is maintained consistently each month will make sure that your website isn’t down because of issues arising. We have seen in the past here at Denno Digital with new clients. They had a website that was hacked and had issues and we had to get their website cleaned up and re-indexed with google to show that they aren’t hacked. A monthly maintenance package from us on our fast servers with great response times will allow your organization to run smoothly online.

Our monthly maintenance with hosting is a very important part to keep your business up and running online. Look at it as buying a vehicle for your company. When you buy that vehicle as an investment you still have to do oil changes, brake changes and tune ups to make sure it runs strong. That’s the same way to look at your website hosting and maintenance.

Why You Should Get Monthly Maintenance & Hosting Done Professionally

Because making sure your business runs smoothly online is a must for today.

Having a monthly maintenance and hosting package through us is a better option than just hosting through a regular hosting site. If something unexpected pops up, we can fix it for you. If something pops up on your hosting company’s website, the website might be lost or they might charge you an arm or a leg to go retrieve that back up.

Just a few things we can help to protect your website from:

  1. WordPress Website Hacks: This is an unfortunate problem with any website online. WordPress powers about 25%+ of the internet. It’s the best CMS and it’s getting more secure by the day, but it still isn’t perfect. We have never had issues with any of our clients websites in the past with security, and we take pride in that figure.
  2. Plugin Issues: Sometimes a plugin can need to become updated and when it does update it causes issues on your website. We make sure to backup your website at each important point so if it has a problem we can resort back to the backup.
  3. Theme updates: Sometimes a core theme needs to be updated, especially if you have a premium theme. We can make sure this happens flawlessly.
  4. WordPress Core Update: WordPress consistently makes updates, and that can cause compatibility issues with themes and plugins. Again we make sure we have everything in place so if anything happens we can minimize the downtime so your rankings on your website stay the same place.

A website being down can hurt your business, website rankings and can lead to a massive headache. We can take care of all of it for you professionally with a monthly package.

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