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You went on your website and it’s down or you have malicious content or code on your site. That turns into a bad day real quick! It could happen this way or it could happen slowly until you realize google has indexed your website as being hacked, this can also be a giant problem. What do you do to get it back and running? Trying to do it yourself can be difficult to search databases, php code and data sets. Let us take care of it for you for a reasonable price within a couple days!

Having a WordPress website become hacked can unfortunately happen over time. Their can be many different reasons for this, including brute force attacks, old plugins, old themes, etc. Over time if your website hasn’t been maintained well and updated periodically it could eventually become hacked. If your website relies on online traffic this could be a nightmare to fix yourself, that’s why we are your best option to fix your WordPress hack.

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What We Can Do Today & In The Future

When your website goes down it’s time to call us to get it back and running as soon as possible. We will need some login credentials in order to start the process of cleaning your website. We make sure to cover up any security issues, change your passwords and re-secure your website with premium plugins so that you can get back to using your website again to generate you profits.

But what happens after we secure your website? After that we always recommend using one of our hosting and monthly maintenance packages so that your website won’t get hit again and hacked the same way. We will be able to schedule backups on a timely basis and make sure your website remains up and running.

Unfortunately we have seen clients come to us with a hacked WordPress website and you never want to wait more than a few days to get it cleaned up, especially if you have payment information on the website. That can open your website up to a slew of issues if it isn’t fixed as soon as possible. We may also have to pull your website down temporarily to fix the problem, especially if you accept payments through the website.

Call Denno Digital today at 763-325-4411 NOW if you suspect you have a hacked WordPress website. We will be able to clean it up for you within 48 hours and give you tips to keep your website safe.

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